Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What on Earth is Wellness?

I've been thinking about being healthy a lot lately. Is it even possible to find the Holy Grail of health/wellness, aka balance? So many of us sit behind computers 8 hours a day (at least), 5 days a week (AT LEAST). How can we even counterbalance all of that (plus all that screen time - which is basically most of everyone's waking hours)? CAN IT BE DONE (cue depressing music)? Ugh.

And then I came across a new mini-series by British Vogue (a huge thanks goes out to one of my favourite blogs, Fashionpolish, for the inspiration). British Vogue have been doing some really cool stuff lately and I was already a huge fan of their "The Future of Fashion" series, hosted by Alexa Chung. It turns out that "What on Earth is Wellness" is just as fun and informative and refreshing as the aforementioned series. First of all, it's hosted by Camille Rowe, who's just adorable and REAL (for instance - she's honest about the fact that she's a smoker... and the irony of that doesn't escape her). 

The series is basically a collection of interviews with different kinds of people whose lifestyles, business ventures or jobs are wellness-related. And I love that. It's non-preachy and touching at the same time. And you really do learn a lot. I swear that after watching the series, I'm tempted to try meditation. Plus I really like the overall philosophy behind the series. But you need to find that out for yourself ;)

Oh and the last episode of this series came out today - you can watch all of the episodes here. (Can Camille Rowe get her own series/TV show already? She's too cute.)

P.S.: I'm so happy to be back in the blogosphere. It was about time.